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About us

CCG – Conscious Consulting Group® is a consulting firm focussing on integrated, systemic and holistic transformation.

We offer and develop new and beneficial answers to a messy and unpredictable world full of opportunities.

This needs a deeper awareness and new consciousness that we help develop in our CCG Consultancy, CCG Community and CCG Academy.

Our Approach and Philosophy

Art Work: Veronika Nawrata
Art Work: Veronika Nawrata

What we offer

Conscious Consulting is a consulting approach that combines deeper awareness with hands-on realization.

All our consulting offerings aim to enable and empower our clients to grow and develop their own capacities in order to deal with their unique challenges in a powerful and autonomous way.

Therefor more than consulting is needed: a community to practice with and an academy to widen and deepen ones own mind.



CCG´s consulting practice is ecosystem based – self-employed experts acting from one shared purpose and brand to bring about high-quality services in a broad and deep sense, which cannot be delivered by one integrated company. All of our consultants are certified by Conscious Consulting Group®.


While constantly expanding our offerings and fields of expertise we currently offer 5 key fields of expertise:

  • Organizational Transformation: Strategy, Digitalization, Leadership & Culture
  • Mastering Crisis, Restructuring and Growth
  • New Work: Audacious Social Design and Inspiring digital and physical Worlds of Work
  • Personal & Executive Coaching and Development
  • Marketing, Digital Marketing and Branding


Our Learning Programs are designed as ongoing open Conversations to deepen awareness, widen horizons and develop new skills needed to navigate the unknown and to manifest desirable futures. Some programs exclusively are offered and dedicated to consultants while others aim for a mixed audience of leaders.

The global teacher staff is rooted in diverse backgrounds such as Quantum Physics, Buddhism, Medicine, Consulting, Business, Economics, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Feldenkrais, Taoism, Holism, Economists, Ecologists and many more.

Details, Offerings, Programme and Academy Teachers coming soon!


Bringing together consultants and leaders engaged in transforming organizations to connect and build supportive relationships. Together we engage in learning experiences and take up practices to cultivate and deepen awareness.

This fosters the building of capacities that help us co-creating a world that works for everyone. A world where people flourish and organizations thrive while moving towards a more conscious global society and a regenerative, life-sustaining world.

We offer a wide variety of possibilities to interact and connect – stay tuned, more to come soon.


A diverse group of consultants and experts, connected through a wide and deep variety of backgrounds, skills and expertise and committed to create new offerings and solutions for and with our clients.

Our core Team is coordinating activities and delivering services in our 3 pillars Consultancy – Academy – Community. We are constantly expanding our eco-system while carefully curating our partners, based on our shared purpose, values and principles.


Julia Culen I Founder, Managing Partner, Vienna-Salzburg-Lanjaron

Fields of Work:

  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
  • Integrated Corporate Development
  • Culture Transformation, Change Management and Organization Development
Christian Mayhofer Conscious Consulting Group

Christian Mayhofer I Founder, Managing Partner, Vienna-Salzburg-Lanjaron

Fields of Work:

  • Executive Coaching, Senior Advisor
  • Large scale Change und Transformation
  • Strategy, Leadership & Purpose

Robert Thomas I Founding member, Community, Academy, Consultant, San Francisco-Mexico City-Vienna

Fields of Work:

  • Executive Coaching, Spiritual Coach
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Retreats
  • Community & Movement Design

Selin Billi I Founding member, Marketing, Consultant, Hamburg – Istanbul

Fields of Work:

  • Digital Marketing & Branding
  • Purpose and Culture Development
  • Digital Transformation, Online Learning, Digital Collaboration

Hannes Brandl I Founding member, Consultant, Vienna

Fields of Work:

  • Digital Transformation & IT
  • Project Management & Agile Social Technologies
  • Leadership Development, Team Trainings, Coaching

Kerstin Dohnal I Founding member, Community, Consultant, Vienna

Fields of Work:

  • Transcultural Communication
  • Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Experience Design
alexander fink

Alexander Fink I CCG member, Managing Director at SCMI, Consultant, Bielefeld

Fields of Work:

  • Future management and scenario planning
  • Strategy development and new business models
  • Design of foresight- and early warning-processes

Yingzhao Liu  I Faculty Member of CCG Academy, Artist, Consultant, Seattle-Vienna

Fields of Work:

  • User Experience Designer
  • Mindful Leadership Transformation & Coaching
  • Facilitation & Coaching collaborative Innovation processes

Ernest NG I Faculty Member of CCG Academy, Hongkong

Fields of Work:

  • Buddhist Economics
  • Mindfulness and Buddhism
  • Economics and Finance

Matthias Monreal I Founding member, Community, Consultant, Innsbruck

Fields of Work:

  • Startup Entrepreneurship
  • Culture Transformation
  • Personal & Team Development

Maria O`Shea I CCG member, Consultant, Vienna

Fields of Work:

  • Systemic Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Building & Large Group Events

Elisabeth Overbeeke I CCG member, Consultant, Vienna

Fields of Work

  • Leadership & Competence Development
  • Change Management and High Performance Futures
  • HR-Management, Performance Culture, Compensation & Benefits

Philipp Rafelsberger I CCG member, Consultant, Vienna

Fields of Work:

  • Organizational Development
  • Team – and Leadership Development
  • Large Group Events & Out-Door Events
1.shantena augusts abbadini

Augusto Shantena Sabbadini I Faculty Member of CCG Academy, Spain-Italy

Fields of Work:


Martin Sternsberger I Founding member, Community, Consultant, Vienna

Fields of work:

  • Digital Business Models
  • Personal and Team Development
  • Movement und Change Design
claudius van wyk

Claudius van Wyk I Faculty Member of CCG Academy, Consultant, Spain-ZA-UK

Fields of Work:

  • Holistic Management
  • Complexity Sciences applied in business
  • Former Senior Business Advisor to Nelson Mandela

Christian Vieira Dos Santos I Founding member, Consultant, Managing Director of Symbios, Linz

Fields of Work:

  • Transformation & Innovation
  • Community Building & Movement Design
  • New Worlds of Work, physical & digital


Our “from mind to mastery” – blog is a series of sharings on conscious consulting, personal and organizational development, deepening awareness, sustainability & prosperity, conscious Leadership and related topcis. We share insights from our work, ideas about the world and videos from our Academy teachers. We also feature guest posts from our eco-system.

Time to shift the paradigm from separation to connection

If we look at our key burning questions like climate change, inequality with all its consequences like wars and poverty and the soaring number of mental suffering one could get hopeless and desperate. How on earth are we going to solve these problems? I would suggest to look deeper at the level of paradigm, rather than […]


Meditation does not kill motivation – but it ends resignation

The instrumental benefits of Mindfulness Meditation are widely researched: stress reduction, increase of resilience and creativity, focus and clarity in thinking. This is the reason why many corporations recently are embracing meditation at the workplace. Now new evidence shows the “downside” of Mediation: a comment in the New York Times titles “Hey Boss, You Don’t  Want […]


Buddhist Economics: a practical approach to master our global crisis

In this post am offering my personal take aways in 10 chapters from a Conference on Buddhist Values and Ethics in Economy we attended and spoke at in Hong Kong in April 2019. The conference was organized by the Centre of Buddhist Studiesof HKU and the European SPES Institute. This two-day conference was an impressive convention of academics, […]


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